Kids Across America

Embracing our Forever Family in Dallas

The spirit of family was front and center at the recent Alumni Meetup in Dallas on January 18, 2024. The event was a nostalgic journey down memory lane, as alumni gathered to share their favorite memories and experiences about serving at KAA. With the overarching theme of “Family Forever,” the meetup became a heartfelt celebration […]

In the Kitchen With Mama Stone

Frances “Mama” Stone is no stranger in the kitchen.  She loves preparing delicious and nutritious meals. For more than a decade, Mama Stone has closed her salon during the summer to serve in one of the four KAA kitchens. The KAA 1 kitchen is her favorite, so she was excited to hear it was reopening (after being closed due to […]

Transformed by Faith

Camper Testimony: Brian “JR” JR wanted to go to a camp but didn’t know of a good one, so he asked his pastor. His pastor could not think of one that came to mind, but “he knew one guy he could ask.” Wink. Wink. He prayed and asked God to lead him to a good […]

Triumph Over Adversity

Triumph Over Adversity: Marlene Nash’s Breast Cancer Journey Life has a way of presenting us with unexpected challenges. For Marlene, that challenge came in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis. Below, Marlene shares her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor; sharing her experiences, fears, and victories in the hope that it can provide […]

Nostalgic Memories

The first annual Alumni Weekend was unforgettable as KAA alumni gathered together. This event allowed old and new summer staff to connect with one another and celebrate the bond that connects them as alumni.  Alumni Weekend was not just a time for reminiscing but also an opportunity for continued growth and learning. A panel discussion […]

Impacting Teams for Christ

KAA Elite was held for the second year at camp during sessions 2 and 8. KAA Elite is a special camp that provides a structured, empowering and encouraging time for coaches and their teams.  Darius’s team from Dallas was eager to come again this year, because of the team bonding that took place last year. […]

Global Impact! Former Camper Now Missionary to Ethiopia

“The vision of Kids Across America is to transform urban youth to impact their communities for Christ, but God’s vision is much grander than we can every conceive.”  Tesa’s mom learned about KAA and sent her to camp when she was 12. She remembers the bus ride up from Houston. She arrived and was surprised […]

Summer 2024 at KAA

Are you ready for an unforgettable summer? Look no further than Kids Across America (KAA), the Christian sports camp that has been transforming urban youth through sports and education for over 30 years. We’re thrilled to announce that registration for the summer of 2024 officially begins October 2nd! If you want your child to be […]

Asking Jesus into My Heart at KAA


Every summer at Kids Across America, something extraordinary unfolds. It’s a time when kids, from all over the world, come together, not only to experience the joys of sports and the outdoors but to embrace a deeper connection—giving their lives to Christ and sharing the profound experiences that shape their spiritual journey. Get ready to […]