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Specifically designed for high school-aged campers, 15-18, KAA 3 boasts spectacular high adventure activities where campers supercharge their thrill meter and sharpen their sports skills in concentrated specialty sports like football, basketball, mountain biking, volleyball and many others.
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KAA 3 – The Pinnacle

KAA 3 offers a foundational training ground for spiritual growth, as well as Covenant Family training—what God’s intended model of a family looks and functions like. The purpose is to build a solid foundation in each young believer’s faith, while also imparting the truth of the Gospel to those who have not been introduced to the Savior.
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From the thrill of team sports to the individual challenge of solo disciplines, our sports classes offer a pathway to personal growth and unforgettable moments of triumph.
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Covenant Family

With the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable knowledge, Covenant Family models Christ-like family functions for our campers.
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Zip Lining Course

With expert guides ensuring your safety every step of the way, our zip lining adventure is the perfect opportunity to conquer fears, push boundaries, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
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Weight Training

Equipped with top-of-the-line strength training equipment, our weight training room offers a haven for fitness enthusiasts to push their limits to achieve their athletic goals.






Term Length


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Session Dates

Summer 2024

Session 1: June 2 – June 7 

Session 2: June 9 – June 14
Session 3: June 16 – June 21
Session 4: June 23 – June 28
Session 5: June 30 – July 5
Session 6: July 7 – July 12
Session 7: July 14 – July 19
Session 8: July 21 – July 26
Session 9: July 28 – Aug 2

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Registration Fees

The registration fee to attend one session at KAA is $200 per person. A $25 per person deposit and completion of the online policy agreement is needed to solidify registration.

Any previous unpaid balances will need to be paid before you can complete registration for the upcoming year. Credits are applied to your balance as you complete the payment steps.

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KAA 1: Ages 10-12
KAA 2: Ages 13-14
KAA 3: Ages 15-18
Higher Ground 14-18
Kaleo 20 and up.

These ages are not flexible and must not be altered. Your camper or Kaleo must meet the correct age requirement to attend the selected camp.

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