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In the Kitchen With Mama Stone

January 8, 2024
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Frances “Mama” Stone is no stranger in the kitchen.  She loves preparing delicious and nutritious meals. For more than a decade, Mama Stone has closed her salon during the summer to serve in one of the four KAA kitchens. The KAA 1 kitchen is her favorite, so she was excited to hear it was reopening (after being closed due to the pandemic for two years). 

She loves the little ones the best. They are precious to her. If they are homesick, she encourages them with motherly love to hang in there. Her kitchen know-how is just as apparent as her “momma” know how. She oversees cooking for 250 as if she were cooking for 2 or 5. Mama Stone and her small kitchen staff understand the importance of food ministry during camp and “keep the joy of the Lord present” while preparing the meals.

She and her kitchen crew begin around 5 am each day, making breakfast and prepping for lunch and dinner.  Thursday lunch serve with fried chicken and mashed potatoes is one of the most lauded camp meals.  By 9:30 am on Thursdays, they will have already fried 250 pieces of chicken!

The result keeps campers and staff coming back for more. For some of our campers, three square meals a day doesn’t happen often.  “It is a blessing when they come into the dining hall,” Mama Stone described, “Their eyes get big as they’re looking to see what’s being served. It just blesses my heart!”

What our critics say…

“My favorite meal was the pasta!” – Isaac T.

“At KAA, you will have lots of fun and learn more about God and you get to eat a lot good food.

– Dyniah M.

“The food here—don’t even get me started—the Booyah burgers, the pizza, the pasta—so good!” – Domonique S.

“It was like a thanksgiving dinner. We had delicious chicken wings, mashed potatoes, green beans, and bread. Oh! It was so good!!” – Annabelle B.

“KAA is an amazing place to encounter the love of Christ through everything—activities, food and people.” – Maggie L.

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