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Accountability is Key

March 12, 2024
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Addison is building her Kingdom network through KAA! She came for the first time ever to camp, and it is all because her mom heard about KAA and felt God speak to her that she needed to send Addison.

She LOVED swimming, going through the high ropes course, and tackling the Faith Pole—a 20-foot pole that campers climb and take a leap of faith to grab a trapeze bar.

“Once I got to the top the pole was shaking, and I had trust I’m not going to fall,” Addison reflected. “My thought in that moment was that I am here at a church camp learning to trust God more. I felt like Peter when he took the first step on the water.”

She didn’t fall! Then she leaped for the trapeze and grabbed on, trusting Him the entire time.

But that wasn’t the best part of camp for her. Addison loved Cross Talk, worshipping with her fellow campers and seeing other teens her age find Jesus.

“We get to interact with people our age that our fellow believers and that gives us a strong foundation of people we can go to when we need to,” she shared.


Camp does more than present the Gospel to campers.  For those who already know the Lord, there are tons of opportunities for growth in their walk, as well as practical life lessons taught by mature Christians strong in faith, living a Christ-like life.  Since campers are only a couple of years away from adulthood, KAA 3 welcomes a Christian family, called a Covenant Family, to camp each summer to model and share how to live out your faith as an adult.

“I really got a lot out of the Covenant Family talk on how to walk with Christ when you are dating or married and how to resist temptation,” Addison said.

She got so much out of one week at camp!  The best part is that she is bringing camp back to Dallas. Addison also met four guys and two girls from her area that she didn’t know before camp. They learned that they all live close to one another and have made plans to meet up for fun activities, like bowling, and devotions.

“We are all on the same path with our walk with Christ, so we want to help each other out,” Addison explained. “As a teenager, KAA sets the foundation that you need to walk forward with Christ.”

Even though she is only 15, Addison is already taking college classes and later wants to attend veterinarian school. “I’m waiting to see where God takes me!”

Seeds were planted in her life, and we can’t wait to see where he takes Addison and her new friends!

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