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Early Bird Registration for Summer 2025

Any group or family attending camp can preregister your spaces for Summer 2025 for a $100 down payment, regardless of group size.  This offer is valid June 2 – August 2.

Deposits for the early registration will be due on December 15

Anyone registering after August 2 will not be able to take advantage of this offer.  

Apply Pressure

Our Summer 2025 is Apply Pressure. Fire is hot and unbearable to experience in heavy amounts. This pressure, without the endurance of Christ working within us, breeds debilitating emotions like anxiety and depression. But consider the process of a diamond. A diamond formation occurs when carbon deposits deep within the earth (approximately 90 to 125 miles below the surface) are subject to high temperature and pressure. Some stones take shape in a matter of days or months, while others take years to materialize. We can be thankful for the pressures of life that come, knowing that these situations are shaping us and molding us to look and act more like Christ. 

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