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The story of scott fish and marcus gates
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Camper Coach and Mentor – the story of Scott Fish and Marcus Gates
Scott Fish poured into kids in his early years. One of those kids now coaches football and brings his team to KAA. It’s a long-term partnership that is still affecting the community of Dallas.
Honoring kids in Christ
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Felicia – Honoring who kids are in Christ
Felicia has had tragedies, and working at KAA was a good place for her to endure. Now she runs the Children’s Program at the Hope Center in Kansas City. Her empathy allows her to connect with her student’s stories and honor them through whatever is going on in their lives.
KAA who cooks the food
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Jeanie – Cooking the Food
Finding community
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Finding Community at Potters House – Joseph Burns
Joseph grew up on the poorer side of Fayettville, AR. Potters House exists to form community between unlike people, and Joseph found mentors that guided him through the risky part of his life. Kids Across America camps was a special part of his involvement with Potters House. Now Joseph is married and expecting a daughter and working to getting into law school.
coach ryan with the campers
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Coach Ryan
Coach Ryan always asks his campers, “Who gave you arms and legs?” He wants his kids to know that all glory goes to God when they’re on the basketball court.
James Jackson
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The Toughest Kid
James Jackson with the Birmingham police brought a teenage boy to camp. The week was transformative. Thank you to the police who serve the youth of their communities.
man walking
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Farming Wasn’t Enough – Did I Do What I Was Called?
He wanted to be a successful farmer…but that wasn’t enough for God. Nick Korn’s vision expanded to helping the youth of his community. Nick Korn has been bringing kids to KAA for 30 years, even while battling cancer. He asks God, “Did I do what You called me to do?”
woods image
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Cross of Change
KAA maintenance man, David, had a creative idea for preserving the original wooden cross that has stood at our front gate for over 30 years.
Justin Arceneaux
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Justin Arceneaux Story
His injuries have refined him.Justin Arceneaux wants to go to the Olympics, and he has the track times to do it.But he’s also a mentor to Lafayette, LA kids, he wants to start an after-school program.What will he choose?

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