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Set the Table for a Summer of Fun, Friendship ... and Jesus!

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You already know — great
things happen at camp

Children and teens dedicate their lives to Christ

Young believers put down deep roots in faith

The food ... the games ... the sports ... the friends — so much FUN!

At KAA, what’s on the tables in the dining hall is so much more than “just food” … 

It’s an important part of the overall God-centered experience for youth from under-resourced communities — a source of hope when delicious meals 3x a day may not be the norm at home, an opportunity for campers to connect and build friendships over a “Booyah!” burger hot off the grill … a way to reach them with the love of Jesus! 

The start of Summer ’23 is just weeks away … and with DOUBLE the number of campers expected this year, we’ll need even MORE food to keep them fed and set the table for a life-changing summer. 

Just $95 is all it takes to provide a whole week’s worth of food to a camper. Whatever you can give today will help, as smaller gifts will be paired with other gifts … and could be just what it takes to draw a kid or teen to Christ at camp this year! 

Please pray about what you can give — and respond generously as God leads today! 

Your impact

  • $48 to provide half a week of food for one camper

  • $95 to provide a week of food for one camper

  • $190 to provide a week of food for three campers

  • $475 to provide a week of food for 7 campers

  • $950 to provide a week of food for 15 campers

  • $____

Kids Across America (KAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to KAA are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

KAA has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.